Travel Information & Travel Vaccination Fees

If you are travelling abroad and require vaccinations you will need to complete a travel risk assessment form and contact the surgery at least two days later to make an appointment for your vaccinations.

Some courses of vaccinations take two or three months to complete so please take this into consideration when planning your journey.

Most travel vaccines are ordered on a private prescription and incur a charge over and above the normal prescription charge.

We only charge if they are private patients e.g TATA
**We charge unless the vaccine is given to ‘At Risk’ patients (Check with Nurse)
***Can no longer be given to registered patients – offer other practice but must be patients choice 

Travel Vaccines 2018-19

KeyTypeDrug NameDetailsCharge
*Diptheria/Tetanus/PolioRevaxis1 vaccine£30.00
*Diptheria/Tetanus/PolioRevaxis3 vaccines £90.00
*Hepatitis AHavrix Mono – adult1 vaccine£50.00
*Hepatitis AHarvix 2 vaccines£100.00
 Hepatitis AAvaxim1 vaccine£50.00
*Hepatitis AHarvix – Junior2 vaccines£65.00
*Hepatitis A & B (combined)Ambirix – Peadiatric (Junior)1 vaccine£65.00
*Hepatitis A & B (combined)Ambirix – Peadiatric (Junior)2 vaccines£130.00
*Hepatitis A & TyphoidHepatyrix1 vaccine£80.00
**Hepatitis BEngerix – Adult1 vaccine£40.00
**Hepatitis BEngerix – Adult2 vaccines£80.00
**Hepatitis BEngerix – Adult3 vaccines£120.00
**Hepatitis B Engerix Peadiatric (Junior)1 vaccine£30.00
**Hepatitis B Engerix Peadiatric (Junior)3 vaccines£90.00
 Meningitis ACWYNimerix (new vaccine)1 vaccine£60.00
 Meningitis ACWYACWY Vax1 vaccine£60.00
 RabiesRapibur1 vaccine£70.00
 RabiesRapibur2 vaccines£140.00
 RabiesRapibur3 vaccines£210.00
*TyphoidTypherix1 vaccine£45.00
*TyphoidTyphim vi1 vaccine£45.00
 Yellow FeverStamaril1 vaccine£75.00
 HPV Complete CourseGardasil 91 vaccine£165.00
 HPV Singlel Dose onlyGardasil 92 vaccines£330.00
 HPV Two Doses onlyGardasil 93 vaccines£495.00
 Chicken PocVarilrix1 vaccine£50.00
 Chicken PoxVarilrix2 vaccines£100.00
*MMR TRAVEL ONLYPriorix1 vaccine£25.00
*MMR TRAVEL ONLYPriorix2 vaccines£50.00
**SHINGLESZostavax1 vaccine£170.00