Flu/Covid Booster Update

Posted by: Monifa - Posted on:

We have started to invite all those patients who are eligible for their COVID boosters and flu vaccine this week.  Please note that the COVID booster can ONLY be given 6 months after your second dose – they cannot be given earlier.  We are following government guidelines on the timeframe between Covid-19 vaccines so please take this into consideration when booking.

We have also started to call all patients over the age of 65 for their flus.  We are working towards having everyone in this cohort invited by the end of next week (8th Oct 2021).

You will be invited by either phone call, text or letter.

We are encouraging patients to have both the Flu vaccine and COVID booster in the same appointment to save time and help us get through the cohorts as quickly as possible.

We plan to have all housebounds patient vaccinated by the end of the month (October).

Please only call the practice when you recieve an invite.  We have staggered invites to not overwhelm our telephone lines.

We look forward to seeing you and getting you fully vaccinated.